Pre-cutting device

A plate of metallic charcoal sheets, the peels is removed from the path of the cutter blade. In this way impurities that are causing premature wear of the blade are removed. This replaces the peeling operation. It can be mounted on both Lynx and Puma saws.

Electronic measurement device

It’s used to set the cutting depth. The operator programs the cutting depth and gives the command for starting the cutting head positioning. The electronic device stops the movement automatically when the cutting head is in the desired position. The device can be delivered for both the "Lynx" and "Puma" saw mills.

Extending the track

The tracks can be lengthened with bed-frame extensions of 2 meters each. As a result you can cut timber at any given length. This option is available for both the “Lynx” and “Puma” sawmills.

Operator seat option

Using this option, the sawmill’s operator will render a considerably reduced effort, allowing him to better concentrate on the quality of the cutting. This option is available for both the “Lynx” and “Puma” sawmills.


Cant hook

Very useful for manual turning of long logs.