Puma EA - Horizontal Bandsawmill

This band sawmill is designed to cut logs of any species with a diameter of up to 110 cm. The superior conception and the constructive improvements made over time, makes this mill a very easily to use and maintain machine, safe and sturdy. Some of the technical advantages of the “PUMA” sawmill are detailed below.
Blade tensioning is acquired through a hydro-mechanic device. Thus, it allows the permanent monitoring of the blade tensioning, which is maintained within an optimum level, resulting in a clean and straight cut and a longer life span for the cutting blade.
A fast and efficient blade height scale (measuring system) allows you to select any cutting pattern. If you want the last piece of timber to remain on the bed to have a specific dimension, it isn’t any problem at all. A relative measuring scale was especially designed for this.
Thanks to the design of the built-in covers and hydraulic tensioner changing the blade is a snap: it takes only 2 or 3 minutes.
The band saw mill “Puma EA” is CE certified.
Schema Puma EA
Overall dimensions (rails not included): axbxc (mm) 830 x 2390 x 1820
Rail (track) length 6 m (*)
Largest log diameter (dmax) 110 cm
Max width between roller guides (Lmax) 101 cm
Minimum log length 80 cm
Maximum log length 5,0 m (*)
Fly-wheel diameter (D) 575 mm
Blade length 5126 mm
Blade width 45 mm (or 40 mm)
Blade thickness 0,9 - 1,1 mm
Blade pitch step 22 mm, special profile
Blade tensioning hydro-mechanic device
Minimum thickness of the last cut board 2,5 cm
Measuring system absolute & relative scale
Feed electrical, infinitely adjustable from 0,8 to 25 m/min
Depth of cut setting electro-mechanic
Main motor power 11 KW
Power supply Three phases 400 V/50 Hz
Maximum height of the blade (Hmax) 900 mm
Theoretical cutting capacity** cca. 1 cubic meter/hour
Practical productivity*** 100 - 400 mc/month
Weight of basic machine cca. 220 Kg
Weight of one unit of bed-frame extension cca. 45 Kg
Pre-cutter: ensures longer blade life between sharpenings. A rotating, carbide-tipped steel blade, located on the cutting head, removes the bark from a narrow area just in advance of where the blade is entering the cut. The pre-cutter smoothly follows the contour of the log without manual adjustment thanks to a spring-loaded design. A switch located on the control panel controls the position of the pre-cutter.
Operator seat option. Using this option, the saw mill’s operator will render a considerably reduced effort, allowing him to better concentrate on the quality of the cutting.
Electric measurement device. It helps the operator to set, fast and accurate, the desired thickness for the next cut. Especially useful for those who want to cut at non-standard dimensions(that cannot be found on the relative scale which is a standard accessory of the saw mill).
The “Puma” sawmill comes with standard 6 meters long tracks (bed-frame), thus being able to cut logs up to 5 meters long. Extra bed-frame extensions of 2 meters available at customer’s request.