Our company has been producing band sawmills since 1998, delivering in that year a total of 3 units, these being very well received by our customers. We realized the need for this type of equipment in the wood industry and the number of units produced and sold since has seen constant and continual growth. To-date (year 2010) over 650 of our sawmills are spread through almost all of Romania and in foreign countries.

The band sawmills “LYNX” and “PUMA” offered to you by our company permit you to fully profit of all the advantages the timber industry has to offer.


Cutting lumber with the bandsawmill brings important advantages compared to other technologies (i. e. gang saw or circular sawmill):

  • the yielded amount of timber(efficiency) comes up to 80% of the log’s volume;
  • maximum flexibility in the choice of the cutting pattern;
  • low energy cost;
  • low maintenance and usage cost;
  • low installation cost;
  • the precision and aspect of the resulting surface much superior to other technologies;
  • maximum security and safety;
  • reduced noise while working;
  • takes up little space;
  • easy to operate and maintain;
  • low-cost spare parts.


  • small and medium companies specializing in timber production (up to 1200 cubic meters per month);
  • people wishing to upgrade their current technology;
  • those who are or have been disappointed by other band saw mills producers ;
  • those who want to improve their productivity, quality, safety of operating and to reduce the cost and loss of materials.
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